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Photo art has grown more and more and has become a growing passion among the English people. Many develop their own interest in photography and photographic art is an art one can easily indulge in a hobby. For more than photography has become a part of how to decorate and both modern homes and business premises have photos often replaced traditional paintings as a way to decorate and inspire.

Nordic design is a phenomenon around the world and also in photography, the Nordic countries established itself as a trend-setting region of the world. In Scandinavia, Stockholm has become a mecca for fine art photography and for many years without a dedicated photo museum was inaugurated Museum of Photography in 2010 and has helped spread interest in photography to a wider audience. Museum of Photography is quickly becoming a more modern museum of high international standard in several acclaimed exhibitions by internationally renowned photographers.

Black and White Photo - a timeless classic

A safe bet when looking for decorative art photography to hang on their walls are black and white images. Black and white images have a timeless quality and can be used both to create a dramatic mood or to give a calm and contemplative feeling. In a skillful photographer's hands give the limited color palette strength to draw attention to the subject in a unique way that is different from color photos. black and white portraits, landscapes and cityscapes are a very popular choice when looking for photography that can give a tasteful touch to most indoor environments.

Black and White Photo Art for sale from Ian Johnson Photo

Ian Johnson Photo has a gallery THE FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO GALLERY of black and white photography for sale at affordable prices, and those who are looking for decorative images for their home or their business premises has a good selection to choose from. Ian Johnson is an experienced professional photographer and many companies and individuals hiring the firm for everything from product images to wedding photography. Less well known is that with a visit to the online gallery the public also can buy black and white photography to decorate their premises.

This makes a visit to the gallery can give more than just user photo but also an art experience you might not have expected. You are welcome to contact if you are looking for photo services of any kind or just want to explore the black and white pictures of Ian Johnson's photo gallery.

Fine Art photography